1984 Rolex 16800 Submariner - unpolished

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Description: This 16800 is a the perfect daily neo-vintage submariner. The 16800 follows after the plexiglass 1680 and was offered in both a matte dial finish (transitional) and a glossy (white gold surround) dial variant that introduced white gold rings to surround the luminous plots. This gloss dial variant uses tritium and has aged into a beautiful deep orangish yellow that is complimented by sharp black insert. The case appears  unpolished  and the bevels are sharp and thick throughout the watch. After a few years of wear this will patina quite nicely.  These 16800 although still affordable in the world of vintage Rolex, are beginning to climb along with anything else that is in this type of collector’s condition. 

Dial: WGS Tritium dial 

Insert: Correct insert 

Case: Excellent condition case appears unpolished  

Bracelet: Steel Oyster