1981 Rolex 16808 Blue Nipple Dial Submariner

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Description: 1981 Rolex 16808 Gold Submariner. The Gold submariner is an anomaly. Originally conceived as a diving tool and aid, the marriage of gold in place of steel has given this watch a unique position in the watch world. Is it then still a tool given its luxurious materials? We find the nipple dial with the sapphire glass to be an odd ( in a good way ) pairing that distinguishes itself in the vintage rolex world. The anodized blue dial shows speckles of its gold dial underneath. The dial appears as light blue in certain light and a purple in other lighting. 

Dial: Blue nipple dial with tritium gold hands

Insert: Blue insert with Gold surround pip

Case: Excellent case with previously lightly polished case

Bracelet: Gold Oyster