1981 Rolex Transitional Matte dial Ghost 16800 Submariner

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Description: This 16800 is one of the last matte dial variants that appeared on the Submariner. The bezel has faded ghost and contrasts perfectly against the yellowish lume markers. The case appears to have been previously polished but remains thick and even from the lugs to the crown guards. These matte dial variants served as transitional versions combining the best of the 1680 matte dial with the more modern glass, case, and movement of the 16800. Eventually these matte dials were phased out to white gold surround glossy dials.

This watch was originally sold in Japan and the owner has mentioned the insert was originally black and faded over the years as we wore it. 

Dial: Matte Dial

Insert: Excellent Ghost Insert

Case: Excellent condition case that appears lightly polished but with very thick lugs

Bracelet: 93150 bracelet