1980’s Audemars Piguest 6005SA Royal Oak Jumbo

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Description: We have seen a huge surge of collectors looking for oddities from Rolex / Patek / and AP. The oysterquartz has gained a cult like following for Rolex, and the AP Royal Oak Jumbo Quartz watch is equally as unique in its approach during the 80’s offering a precious metal / stainless Quartz watch. This particular watch almost looks new old stock with its hardly worn case. The linen waffle dial is a unique trademark for the Jumbo and its quirky shape and size makes it definitely stand out. 6005SA Measures 41 x 32 mm 

Dial: Linen Waffle Grey Dial 

Insert: Gold Bezel 

Case: Excellent condition unpolished case with thick and even lugs. 

Bracelet: Integrated bracelet