1979 Rolex 17000 Oysterquartz Datejust Tropical Rose

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Description: The Oysterquartz arguably may be the blacksheep of the Rolex line up. As Rolex and much of the Swiss watchmaking industry was dreading the introduction of quartz technology from their Japanese competitors, Rolex sought to embrace this potential shift in mechanical watchmaking and worked on a hybrid Quartz and mechanical movement. If that wasn’t revolutionary enough, they also adopted a case and bracelet set up very reminiscent of the more angular cases that AP had been known for. These will be very collectible in our estimation in the next few years and it is almost certain Rolex will never adopt a Quartz movement ever again. 

Dial: Silver dial with rosey tropical patina 

Insert: Steel bezel

Case: Excellent condition case  

Bracelet: Rolex Steel bracelet