1978 Seiko 6306-7001 Scubapro 450

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Description: The Seiko Turtle is an iconic dive watch. The 6306 variant was a Japan domestic release watch that features both English and Japanese days. What makes this turtle truly special is that this is a double named watch, that was co-branded with the diving tool company Scubapro. These rare birds are an affordable entry into something truly rare and special. It is believed that there is less than 1000 of these made and were only distributed to the Japanese market. This watch appears unpolished and the dial is in great condition. These watches are often faked and dials printed with Scubapro font, however for those that have come across there fair share, there are distinctive traits that are needed to be a true Scubapro450 original watch. 

Dial: Scubapro 450 dial 

Insert: Faded insert 

Case: Appears to be unpolished