1978 Rolex 1675 Pepsi GMT - Maxi Mk 4 Dial

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Description: One of our favorite era of Rolex sport watches  happens to be late 70’s era watches. This GMT happens to fall into this camp and as a result has the infamous maxi plots known to these watches during these years. The case appears unpolished and retains original bevels. The dial is a MK4 dial characterized by its unique coronet. The lume plots are original and due to its maxi size appear very cartoonish which is accurate for this dial variant. Color is a nice yellow which contrasts against the dark matte dial. Insert is a super fat font pepsi insert. 

Dial: Original MK4 dial 

Insert: Super Fat font pepsi insert

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished and retains original bevels

Bracelet: Rivet Bracelet