1977 Rolex 5513 Pre-Comex Maxi Submariner

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Description: 1977 Rolex “Pre-Comex” 5513 Submariner. The “Pre-comex” submariner is one watch that is often overlooked because of how rare these watches are. Made primarily between the low and mid 5 Million range serial numbers, this watch was primarily built in early 1977. As a result they are often overshadowed by their Maxi siblings. However, we have a suspicion that the pre-comex will be a better investment than their maxi counterparts for 3 main reasons. 1) They are made in fewer numbers. 2) They sport similar maxi sized plots as the later maxi watches. 3) And finally, the pre-comex dial is most similar to the the 5513 and 5514 Comex dials in that the coronet or crown is a bit smushed like the comex dial watches. The watch is in amazing condition and the lume is a beautiful yellow that stands in stark contrast to the deep matte black dial.

Dial: Pre-Comex dial with maxi plots

Insert: Fat Font Insert that has faded into a dark blueish grey

Hands: Original Hands.

Case: Excellent condition case with original bevels alpearing

Bracelet: Tight 93150 bracelet