1977 Rolex 5513 Maxi I Submariner

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Description: 1977 Rolex 5513 Maxi I Dial. The Maxi dial 5513’s are the purist’s ideal 5513. It is simple with no date wheel, no cyclops, and features large “maxi” lume plots that are bigger than the previous serif and non-serif 5513 submariners. This makes the Mark I Maxi dial a highly desirable watch considering it is the only maxi dial watch with the Submariner text below the depth rating. Subsequent Maxi dial variants had the text flip flopped with “submariner” taking the top line and the depth rating on the bottom. This specific Mark I Maxi has a beautiful fat font insert that has a beautifully faded grey luster to it. The case was recently refinished by LA watchworks in Pasadena CA. The original chamfers were highlighted and brought back. A tropic 39 crystal replaced the original crystal to give it a practical every day use water resistance. (We highly recommend replacing original crystals as they tend to not hold up against even the lightest of water use or humidity especially since they are often 30+ years old). The lume on this one has faded into a muted Khaki. It is very reminiscent of military desert colors.

Dial: MKI Maxi Dial

Insert: Fat Font Insert with faded grey luster

Hands: Original Tritium Hands.

Case: Excellent condition case that has recently been refinished

Bracelet: Nato Strap.