1977 Rolex 1665 Double Red Sea-Dweller - Unpolished

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Description: The 1665 Double Red Sea-Dweller is more often talked about than seen. Like a mythical pirate ship, the moniker “Double-Red” is widely talked about in watch circles but few if any have ever seen one. Known to be the first 1665 variants, the double red refers to the two lines of red text that appear in the first lines of text on the bottom of the dial. The “Great white” 1665’s that came after the Double Red’s removed the red in lieu of all white text. These DRSD command a huge premium despite something as simple as different colored text. This 1665 in particular has a beautiful insert that remains deep black

The patina on the lume is an amazing yellow coloring that matches the hands very well. The case is extremely thick and even from the lugs to the crown-guards and sharp bevels still intact. This is a very sharp and excellent case. 

Dial: Period Correct MK4 variant 1665 Dial 

Insert: Black Insert

Case: Excellent condition that is unpolished

Bracelet: Oyster bracelet