1970 Rolex 1675 Yellow Gold Root-beer Nipple Dial GMT

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Description: The 1675 rootbeer was made in very few quantities when compared to its later siblings like the 16758 etc. What distinguishes these early rootbeer models are the oxblood colored dial and the applied Rolex crown and nipple indices. The brown insert frames the beautiful dial and the case appears to be sleeve-polished from years of wear. There is oxidation on the back of the case which leads us to believe that the case is untouched aside from the years of a sleeve polish. The case is very thick and is in excellent shape. An all brown insert with silver writing frames the dial and completes the symphony of brown tones. The tritium on the hands of this rootbeer have a deep yellow patina to them and certainly can be called pumpkin. These early 1675 gold nipple dials are well overlooked in the past and its about time they have their moment 

Dial: Oxblood Nipple Dial   

Insert: Solid Brown Insert

Case: Excellent thick condition case that appears sleeve polished with rosey oxidation on the back of the case

Bracelet: Rolex Yellow Gold Jubilee