1968 Rolex 5513 “Meters-First” Submariner w/ Deep lume

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Description: The matte dial, meter’s-first variant dial is one of the most collectable vintage submariners out there. Known for a period in time where Rolex’s sales were not primarily in North America, the metric standard was prioritized and thus “200m” came before the American Standardized “660ft” measurement. This quickly changed as the consumption of Rolex watches in the United States ramped up surpassing European sales. As a result the “ft-first” dial came in late 69 and carried forward to this day. 

This meter’s first 5513 was purchased from the original owner. It is a beautiful example of how a watch that was worn every day for the past 52 years has been beautifully kept. The dial exhibits a very rare and pleasing saturated lume. It is almost pumpkin in daylight conditions. The case is sleeve polished over years of wearing a shirt cuff for the person’s occupation. 

These are the meticulous watches we dream of finding. 

Dial: Matte dial 

Insert: Mk3 insert 

Case: Excellent condition case 

Bracelet: Newer 93150 bracelet