1968 Rolex 1675 Fuchsia Long E GMT

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Description: Perhaps the most popular matte dial 1675 is the Long-E MK1 variant due to its ability to accept the infamous fuchsia insert. This combination is a hard hitter and will no doubt be recognizable to most collectors. This particular 1675 has a beautifully faded fuchsia insert. These inserts started life as pepsi inserts but due to the elements these early 1675 inserts tended to turn fuchsia. The case is in excellent condition as well and has beautifully sharp bevels. The patina on the lume is a bright yellow and contrasts really well against the pastel fuchsia insert. 

Dial: Long-E MK1 insert 

Insert: Faded Fuchsia Insert 

Case: Excellent condition even and thick case that has been lightly polished to bring out the factory bevels.

Bracelet: Steel Oyster