1967 Rolex 5513 Meters-First Submariner

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Description: The 5513 is known as the cult classic submariner. It solidifies itself as the bridge between the vintage crownguard-less subs of the past as well as solidified cues of design that have not left the modern Subs of today. This gorgeous meter’s first example is named after the “200m = 660ft” depth rating having preference for the metric system as opposed to the American Standard. As Rolex developed more of an audience in America and it’s shares climbed, it standardized “Ft” first going forward. This 5513 in particular has golden lume and has an amazing blueish purple insert. The case is also in excellent condition. 

Dial: Golden Lume 5513 dial  

Insert: Faded blueish purple hue insert  

Case: Excellent condition case 

Bracelet: 93150