1967 Rolex 1675 “ Long E” MK1 Matte Dial (find-one-better) Faded Pepsi

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Description: Sometimes the sea washes up old and overlooked treasures. Nearly 54 years from its birth this #1675 zinc-sulfide day-glow Pepsi GMT may be the nicest one we’ve ever found or to be honest ever seen. The unpolished case along with a heavily used crystal can only lead our imaginations to what life it could have lived… but like all diamonds in the rough, one just needs to peer beneath the surface a bit to be stunned. This one is getting some TLC and will be available to ship in a couple weeks after a movement overhaul is done and folded link bracelet comes back (current bracelet pictured is placeholder). The dial still glows as a result of this zinc-sulfide tritium mixture. This is correct for watches of this year as it was a transitional year for Rolex using gilt era lume on the first matte dials. For a long time people thought these watches were relumed as they typically have a greenish coloring to them. This watch however is original lume with matching hands that all radiate the same type of glow when induced with UV light. 

Dial: Mk 0.5 / 1 Zinc-sulfide dial (long-E) “Day-glow” since the lume still glows

Insert: Faded Pepsi Insert 

Hands: Original tritium hands

Case: Appears unpolished with thick bevels 

Bracelet: Rolex Oyster folded link