1966 Rolex Fuchsia 1675 Gilt GMT - Full Set

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Description: To many that find the 1675 reference to be their favorite reference, the Fuchsia insert is a grail. These fuchsia inserts are only found in the Gilt or early MK1 ranges of 1675’s which is why this full set watch is all that much more special. Starting with the gilt and gloss dial, the lume is a bright yellow color and still reacts under UV as it should for lume of this age. The hands are original as well and are matching. The case is very thick and even and is in excellent shape as well. Two papers accompany this 1675; the original guarantee papers and the chronometer papers as well. Two tags are included as well along with the original box. For those searching for a top collector set Fuchsia, look no further. 

Dial: Gilt Open Chapter dial 

Insert: Fuchsia Super Fat Font  

Case: Excellent condition case 

Bracelet: Rivet Oyster C&I Bracelet