1966 Rolex Gilt 5512 Submariner w/ Chronometres Certificate

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Description: 1966 Rolex 5512 Gilt Submariner with 4 lines of text. This 4 line no-date sub is an excellent example of a collector’s grade Gilt Dial Submariner. What makes this 4-line gilt Sub a looker is the 2 lines of Silver text contrasting the Gilt text. The gloss dial takes on a mirror finish with excellent lume across the dial. The lume glows under UV and quickly dissipates as is with gilt dials from this year. The case was recently polished to bring back the bevels and remain thick and even throughout. A long 5 insert that is nicely faded adorns this 5512. The icing on the cake for this sub is that it comes with the Chronometres certificate specific to this watch along with the hang tag. This certificate dates the watch to the specific month and day it was tested prior to shipping out from Rolex. 


Dial: Gilt 5512 4-line dial 


Insert: Long-5 Insert 


Case: Excellent condition case that was recently lightly polished


Bracelet: C&I Rivet bracelet