1966 Rolex Gilt 1675 Pepsi GMT

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Description:  We are a sucker for Gilt GMT’s. This 1675 is no exception. The dial has an amazing glossy look with some patina developing near the markers. The case has recently been refinished and is thick and even throughout. The bevels are nice and sharp. A faded pepsi red back insert frames the Gilt dial and the tones match very well. The blue part of the insert has faded into a ghost grey making the insert almost look like a coke version of a 1675 insert.  Newer hands have been color matched to the dial and glow faintly when exposed to UV like the dial. 

Dial: Gilt 1675 Dial  

Insert: Red-back 1675 insert  

Case: Excellent condition case 

Bracelet: Rivet Bracelet