1966 Rolex 5513 Gilt Submariner

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Description: The Bart Simpson gilt dial is one the more interesting dial variations that came from Rolex in the past. Primarily seen in 1966, this dial has a funky shortened smushed coronet that resembles the top of Bart Simpson’s head. In addition to this quirky crown, these Simpson dials are also known to turn wildly tropical. Feel free to look through our data base to see just how tropical these watches get. This one however is as glossy as can be and retains all of its lume. There is a light scratch from a careless watchmaker in the past but this can only be noticed under intense lighting and at only a specific angle. The case has been recently polished and is thick and sharp throughout the lugs and crown-guards

Dial: 5513 Bart Simpson gilt dial

Insert: Correct insert 

Case: Excellent condition case appears previously polished 

Bracelet: Jubilee