1966 Rolex 5513 Gilt Bart Simpson Submariner

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Description: It’s relatively to grade and price a perfect watch. But it takes a certain eye to evaluate and determine the beauty of more patina’d watch. At what point is patina desireable or undesireable? Much like art appraisers, these metrics are a bit more subjective and due to the nature of the patina there may not be any market comparable’s to directly measure against. But we have always bought with our eye, and this 5513 Bart simpson dial (due to the coronet looking like the hair of Bart Simpson) has looks in spades. The excellent glossy dial and plump bright lume plots make this hard to look past. The dial has begun aging in random spots akin to a tropical dial. We don’t know what causes spotting or tropical dials going full brown but one can likely attribute it to UV, moisture, heat, and other elemental variables. Perhaps what ties the beauty of this watch all together are the insert and excellent case condition. We believe the bevels on the case are original and look similar to unpolished watches with a sleeve polish over the years. Many may look past this watch due to the spotting on the dial, but we couldn’t be happier of how unique and beautiful this wabi-sabi this looks.

Dial: Original Bart Simpson Gilt dial

Insert: Faded Super Fat font insert 

Hands: Original tritium hands

Case: Appears Unpolished 

Bracelet: Rolex Rivet Bracelet