1966 Rolex 5512 Gilt Tropical Submariner

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Description: 1966 Rolex 5512 Gilt Tropical dial Submariner. To most collectors the 5512 is arguably regarded as one of the prettiest submariners produced by Rolex. It’s 4-line SCOC certification puts it in a league above the 5513 sibling. They were also more expensive and produced and far fewer quantities than their 5513 counterpart. This 5512 Sub is even more allusive as it is the correct gilt variant that has aged beautifully into a bengal pattern across the dial. 4 lines of text appear with two lines of silver text that contrast the beautiful Gilt text across the watch.

Typically when tropical dials are found in this condition , lume loss is often a bi-product associated with this tropical patina. However the lume plots are all intact on this variant and glow briefly and quickly dissipates under a flash of UV light. This is correct for lume of this period. Newer Tritium hands have been added and do not react to the UV light. Radium and early tritium hands have been known to degrade rapidly due to their unstable nature, so it is fairly common to see replacement hands as a result.

The watch was sourced from the family of the original owner

Dial: GIlt Tropical 4 line dial with two lines of silver text

Insert: Long 5 Super Fat Font Insert that has faded into a slate grey gradiant

Hands: Newer Tritium hands that have aged into a pumpkin hue

Case: Excellent condition case that has been “sleeve polished” likely resulting from sleeves from coats and shirts rubbing over the course of decades.

Bracelet: Tight: Excellent USA oval link jubilee bracelet with 19 links and matching end links

Serial: 1,22X,XXX