1965 Tudor 7928 Submariner - Gilt Chapter Ring

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Description:  1965 Gilt Chapter ring 7928. If there has been an underdog in the watch world it’s always been Tudor, especially when compared to the more well known sibling Rolex. However as Rolex Sport watches continue to fetch astronomical prices, the watch swimming against the mainstream has been vintage Tudor. This early Submariner has nearly the same specs as it’s older sibling and is a GIlt Chapterring. This same Rolex equivalent would be nearly 3 -4x this price. The dial has matted out into a cool granite like texture which is characteristic of these watches. The lume also holds onto a glow very briefly if introduced to UV or strong light then quickly dissipates. The lume on the dial is excellent and is a nice bright yellow. This is the Anti-Rolex watch and a nice way to stand apart from the trend or hashtags.

Dial: Matte-Dial Ft First

Insert: Fat Font Insert that is in excellent condition

Hands: Original matching hands

Case: Excellent condition case that has previously been lightly polished.

Bracelet: Tight 9315 Folded link Bracelet