1965 Rolex 5513 Meters First Submariner Ghost Insert

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Description: We try not to get giddy when we see gilt ghost bezel Submariners, but these are always a special treat when they appear. The dial on this 5513 is a glossy gilt dial from 1965. It has some patina developing near the markers but it remains aesthetically pleasing from all angles. The patina on the Long 5 insert is nice and even and reflective for a genuinely faded ghost insert of this age. The case is in excellent condition and retains the original bevels. We believe this to be unpolished and properly worn through it’s life. The bracelet is a newer folded link bracelet. 

Dial: Gilt Dial

Insert: Fat font Long 5 Ghost Insert 

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished 

Bracelet: Folded link Oyster