1962 Rolex Tropical-Gilt-Chapter-ring 1675 GMT

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Description: 1962 Rolex Tropical Gilt Chapter ring 1675 GMT. This amazing brown Tropical Dial GMT is one of a kind. The evenness of the browning is superb. There is obvious some patina and wear on the dial but one rarely achieves this color of tropical explosion without some character. This watch comes with either a Black lavender faded insert or can be switched over to a pepsi fat font insert. To us, the black insert really highlights the intensity of the brown dial. 

Dial: Excellent tropical dial. Lume is original and reacts to UV correctly.  Hands have been color matched to dial color.

Insert: Faded Lavender / black insert

Case: Excellent condition case that has recently been polished to bring back bevels. Remains thick and even.

Bracelet: Correct 62 bracelet.