1962 Rolex Gilt 5512 Tropical Submariner - 4 liner

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Description: One of the most gorgeous 5512’s we’ve ever come across. This is an all matching 5512 with correct dates on the bracelet and caseback. 4 line 5512’s are arguably the most beautiful submariner dial ever made. 2 lines of silver text join the 2 lines of Gilt text. The dial is very glossy and is has a deep mocha brown coloring when viewed in sunlight. The insert is a long-5 insert that has taken on a purple haze over the years. Rivet bracelet included as well.

Dial: MK1 Dial pumpkin dial

Insert: Purple gloss faded insert

Hands: Original matching hands

Case: Excellent condition case that was lightly polished

Bracelet: Rivet Bracelet