1962 Rolex 1675 Gilt Chapter Ring -unpolished Black Charcoal Insert

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Description: Chapter-ring gilt 1675’s are the pinnacle of that reference. These dials are truly rare in this condition as the gloss dial variants usually exhibit and show more wear due to their highly reflective surface. The lume on this dial is in excellent shape and still glows under UV which is correct for this era. The case exhibits the original fat bevels and appears unpolished based off the lugs and pointed crown guards. We usually are biased towards pepsi inserts but this charcoal matte insert pairs so well against this Gilt dial that its hard to see it in any other configuration

Dial: Gilt 1675 chapter-ring Dial

Insert:  Black Charcoal fat font insert

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished 

Bracelet: Swiss rivet