1961 Rolex 5512 Gilt Chapter Ring Submariner

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Description: 1961 Rolex 5512 Gilt Chapter-Ring Submariner. This 5512 has one of the best dial color’s we’ve seen in a 5512. The lume exhibits a warm toasty yellow color and matches tones seen in the gilt lettering and dial. Insert is a ghosted kissing 40 insert and compliments the dial extremely well. Dial is in excellent condition and remains very glossy throughout. There is a tiny hand drag on the left side of the dial but this remains common among shiny gilt era dials as they show any imperfection. The case appears sleeve polished over years of use but remains super thick and even with original bevels throughout. The lume has been stabilized in the past as these gilt era plots and hands are prone to cracking if handled harshly. The hands are original gilt era hands and glow and dissipate at the same rate

Dial: Original 5512 Exclamation dial

Insert: Faded ghost kissing 40 insert 

Case: Excellent condition case that appears sleeve polished 

Bracelet: Stretch Rivet Bracelet