1960’s Heuer 2446C Autavia - Abercrombie & Fitch Co Dial - Original Owner

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Description: Heuer began supplying watches for Abercrombie & Fitch in the 1940’s. The brand was quite different from the pure clothing brand marketed towards teenagers at malls that we are more familiar with today. A&F Co was focused on hunting and fishing supplies and all the ancillary accessories that went along with that lifestyle. It was targeted at the social elite of there time and included allegedly Hemingway, Howard Hughes and other cultural icons. 

This 2446C Autavia was sourced from the original owner who received it originally from his wife.  It comes in amazing condition with all lume intact and in unpolished condition. The caseback is inscribed with the number “8 + 25 = 33”

Dial: Excellent condition dial with yellow lume 

Insert: Tachymeter bezel 

Case: Excellent condition even and thick case that appears unpolished 

Bracelet: Leather perforated strap