1960 Rolex 5512 Gilt Chapter Ring Submariner

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Description: 1960 Rolex 5512 Gilt Chapter-Ring w/ Exclamation Dial Submariner. This 5512 has one of the best dial color’s we’ve seen in a 5512. The lume exhibits a creamy yellow color and matches tones seen in the gilt lettering and dial. The exclamation point is present as well in this 5512. Insert is a MK2 Long five insert. Dial is in amazing condition and remains very glossy and reflective throughout the dial. The case appears unpolished and remains super thick and even bevels throughout. 

Dial: Original 5512 Exclamation dial

Insert: long 5 insert 

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished 

Bracelet: Rivet Bracelet