1960 Rolex 1675 Gilt Chapter-Ring GMT Tropical Dial

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Description: Perhaps our favorite dial variant of the 1675 is the Gilt glossy dial with the encircled Chapter-Ring variant. These dials only appear correctly on the early 60’s GMT’s. We could stop there and we think we would have your attention, but wait there’s more. The gloss dial is free from any major detracting blemishes. These gilt gloss dials are plagued usually from tool marks or mishandling over the years and are less tolerant to shaky, uncareful hands. But wait there’s more, this dial in particular has turned tropical. What this means is that these dials have aged to a brownish hue. This is mostly seen in watches that have lived near hot environments or near the equator, those with “tropical” climates as it seems. The case appears unpolished and retains the original bevels as well. We could say more, but it would do no justice to this watch. 

Dial: 1675 Gloss Gilt Chapter-Ring Tropical dial 

Insert: Pepsi Red-back Gilt Era 

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished

Bracelet: Stretch Rivet bracelet