1960 Omega 2998-3 Lollipop Speedmaster

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Description: The holy grail of vintage speedy’s can be distilled down to a handful of pieces. Starting from the 2915 through the 2998 series. But what excites us is simply a lollipop Speedy from the 2998-1 through -3 series. This Speedmaster which falls in the correct range for a Lollipop hand has a beautifully faded DON bezel and an unpolished (sleeve polished) case. We have left the wear and debris on the case (this can easily be cleaned and removed). A flat bracelet is included as well along with the correct 2998 big logo crown. 

Dial: Correct 2998-3 Dial with Applied logo / Long indices / Step Dial

Insert: Ghost grey Dot over ninety bezel 

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished 

Bracelet: Flat link braclet