1958 Rolex Milgauss 6541

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Description: This 1958 Rolex 6541 Milgauss is the collector’s grail. As vintage Rolex’s become more common in the public eye, and Paul Newman’s are becoming more common place in executive board rooms, there leaves very little “under the radar” watches that are truly rare grails. Make no mistake, the 6541 is the ultimate vintage sport’s Rolex watch. Launched in 1958 the first release of the Milgauss is indeed an oddity. The carbon fiber looking weave dial and the lightning bolt hands as well as the 37mm case leads one to believe the watch could be from the 2000’s rather than a mid century classic. The name Milgauss implies (mille (Latin for a thousand) and gauss, the unit of measurement for magnetic fields. As such, the watch is Rolex’s first stab at an anti-magnetic watch targeted for engineers, doctors, technicians that worked in environments with strong magnetic fields.

This watch appear is a rare configuration with a non-lume dial and hands. It has a smooth bezel as opposed to the black sports bezel that some came with. The case appears to be a sleeve polish with the original bevels still present. The bracelet is period correct and is a beautiful matching stretch rivet oyster. With auction prices for the 6541 climbing year over year, it won’t be long until touch the half million dollar mark. 

Dial: Excellent Factory non-luminous dial 

Insert: Smooth Bezel 

Case: Excellent “Sleeve-Polished” Case 

Bracelet: Stretch Rivet Oyster