1978 Seiko 6306-7001 Scubapro 450

Description: We’ve had a good handful of Scubapro’s in recent years, but I think we all agree this is the nicest one by far. The dial is spotless with incredible contrast with the yellow lume to the deep black dial. It’s not often you come across a piece this clean. Lots of reprints floating around so don’t be fooled by a replica scubapro dial. The authentic scubapros have distinct serif and coloring and appear within a certain serial range, all hallmarks exhibited by this example.

The 6306 variant was a Japan domestic release watch that features both English and Japanese days. Co-branded with the diving tool company Scubapro, much like the “Comex” Stamp from Rolex. These rare birds are an affordable entry into something truly rare and special.

Dial: Excellent condition Scubapro stamped dial

Case: Excellent condition case with a light polish in the past

Bracelet: Seiko rubber strap

USD 6,200

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