1978 Rolex 5512 Maxi I Submariner

Description: The 5512 Submariner is a bit of an odd duck but perhaps not apparent at first glance. This watch takes a typical 5513 Submariner and combines it  with the 4 lines of text typically found on the 1680 Submariner. On top of that this particular 5512 sports a MK1 maxi dial which makes it the most desirable of the matte dial Sub variants. The lume plots are much bigger on this than other 5512 dial variants. A lot of unique characteristics along with a beautiful thick case makes this a very interesting watch

Dial: MK1 maxi

Insert: Faded MK3

Case: Excellent condition case that has been recently polished with sharp bevels

Bracelet: Oyster

USD 24,650

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