1978 Rolex 1680 MK1 Pumpkin Submariner

Description: The 1680 Submariner can be argued as the textbook vintage Submariner. This differs from the 5513 in that it has a date function, which to some that are looking for a daily watch, a must have function . This submariner has an amazing pumpkin dial as the lume plots have turned to a deep orange color. The original crystal with date magnifying window has been changed out  with a true-dome crystal. These replacement crystals offer better water resistance than original crystals that may likely have degraded over time. The case is phenomenal and retains its factory bevel edges.

Dial: Pumpkin 1680 matte dial

Insert: Black insert

Case: Excellent condition case that appears unpolished

Bracelet: Rolex C&I Rivet Bracelet, stamped 78

USD 13,550

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