1960 Rolex “OCC” Gilt Chapter Ring Pepsi 1675 GMT

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Description: The earliest 1675 GMT’s housed the OCC Gilt chapter ring dial. This is a radium dial that is reminiscent of the earlier 6542 GMT. However since the dial diameter is different between both watches they are not interchangeable. This makes the 1960 1675 GMT a rare bird indeed with this OCC dial. Case has recently been refinished and maintains excellent thick lugs and the classic parrot beak crown guards. Hands have been color matches with the exception of the 24 hr mini hand. A Super fat font faded pepsi dial is included with the watch. The dial is near flawless with light patina throughout the dial. It maintains its original glossy finish.

Dial: Gilt Radium Chapter Ring OCC dial

Insert: Faded Red Back Pepsi Insert

Case: Excellent condition case that has previously been repolished

Bracelet: USA jubilee bracelet