A dash of creme

Do tropical dials only apply to black dials? Most enthusiasts are familiar with the more often seen black dials that age to a brown hue and associate this look as being the typical tropical look. However, when this unintentional process takes place on white dials the effect is rather interesting. Among the white dial watches that Rolex has produced, perhaps no other reference embodies this effect better than the 16550 Polar Explorer II. This reference was only produced for a few years before it was updated to the 16570. When released the 16550 took on a very white and vibrant dial, however over the years some of these variants in this reference range turned a creamy almost swiss coffee color. Rolex never produced from the factory a creme Explorer II and this watch is another example how circumstantial manufacturing standards coupled with external environmental variables as well as the lifestyle of the previous owners can influence the look a Rolex watch that was never intended to look that way from Rolex. 

There is rather a big increase in cost when comparing a normal 16550 polar to cream variant. As of this article a decent 16550 should set you back in the neighborhood of $10k while a cream 16550 like the ones pictured above will likely be closer to $30k. It is uncertain just how many of these variants turned to this lovely shade but given just how many make it to market every year we are certain they are going to be more desireable as years go on.

Tropical Cream Dials